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“Basic Life Support through Hands-On CPR and First Aid Training”

Updated: 10/20/2021

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CPR/AED/Basic First Aid Completion Cards

414-300-0501 Temporary COVID Rules - Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division (6/29/2021):

“An online-only CPR certification obtained between March 24, 2020 and December 26, 2021 will be accepted to meet the training requirements while these temporary rules are in effect.”+

Many employers are requiring their employees to have both parts of the training: online and hands-on. Please check with your employer.

Be a Life Saver has been offering a hybrid/blended learning opportunity through ASHI (American Safety & Health Institute) since June 2020. There are several courses to choose from:

Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid - Part 1 (three hours), Part 2 (one hour)

Pediatric (all ages) CPR, AED, and First Aid for Children, Infants, and Adults - Part 1 (3.25 hours), Part 2 (one hour)

If the online only portion is purchased, the fee is $28.95. Venmo is the best option. Please email or call for details. If the blended/hybrid format (both parts) is required, the fee is $50.00. The fee must be paid before the online portion of the course can be completed. The student can then print-out a partial certificate for their employer showing that Part 1 has successfully been completed. 

If the skills monitoring (hands-on) portion takes place - Part 2, the final two-year certificate is issued. There is a 90-day timeframe for scheduling the hands-on monitoring. However, depending on the "state-of-emergency", that timeframe could be extended - watch for updates.

Group classes are still offered with a minimum of eight students per on-site session. Individuals can join in person, hands-on, skills testing which is done every other Tuesday at 5:30 pm in Beaverton. The classes are very small and space is limited. The online portion (part 1) needs to be completed within 30-days of receiving the online link. The hands-on portion (part 2) must be completed within 90 days from receiving the online link. If the online portion is not completed before the hands-on class, part two will need to be rescheduled. Call for upcoming dates or more information.

Please take precautions to stay safe and let me know if you have any questions regarding the renewal extension or would like to sign-up for the blended learning opportunity.