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Price: $2.50

Item Number: M5097

Be a Life Saver is pleased to offer its customers first aid products at a great price. To receive the discounted prices reflected below, please call 503/985-7925.

Rescue breather faceshield in nylon key chain pouch. Available in various colors.

Rescue Breather with Key Chain Pouch

Price: $2.00

Item Number: DTKit43

45-piece pocket first aid kit in plastic case. Includes: sheer, clear and fabric adhesive bandages, non-adherent pads, alcohol pads, antibiotic ointment and two large vinyl gloves.

45-Piece First Aid Kit

Price: $11.95

Item Number: FAO-132

Treats cuts and scrapes, pain and swelling, and more. Compartmental organizers allow quick access. For home, shop, vehicles, outdoors, sports. Hard plastic case.

131-Piece Essential First Aid Kit

Price: $29.95

Item Number: FRKit

AED kit includes zippered nylon case, lanyard, pocket mask, 7-1/4” utility shears, prep razor, (4) gloves, (2) heavy paper towels, and biohazard bag.

AED Fast Response Kit

Price: $6.50

Item Number: M-543

Protection against the passing of germs; varied applications. Perfect for those sensitive to natural rubber products.

Nitrile Gloves (200-box)

Price: $11.95

Item Number: CPRMask

Laerdal CPR pocket mask with one-way value/filter. This is one of the best quality pocket masks available. 

Laerdal Pocket Mask

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